Watsu and water massages and relaxation


As a WATSU practitioner, I offer water journeys in a meditative state.
In a private pool in the swimming costume of your choice, after having taken note of your needs, I take you floating in water at 35°C always with your eyes, nose and mouth out of the water.
My role: to become as invisible as possible and to keep your head in a light support on your arm or in your hand.

Once you are immersed in a movement to the rhythm of your breathing, you will enjoy stretching, palm and finger pressure and various massages.
As in shiatsu, the massages work on the body's energy circuits or meridians.

In Watsu, in addition to the massage of a practitioner, you will benefit from a permanent massage of the water during the various movements, rocking, rotations, waves,... always at the rhythm of your breathing. Because of the freedom of the whole body in the element WATER, the work on the spine is unique, fluid and restorative.
As soon as you enter the water, it begins its work and you will quickly reach a feeling of deep peace.
The water at 35°C provides a temperature and density close to your body. All limbs and internal organs are also mostly made of water.
The density of the water close to your body melts you into a unique weightlessness effect.
The benefits you can expect:

- a relaxation of the whole body with release and relaxation.
- a calming of the psyche
- a rebalancing of the nervous system.
- an improvement in sleep
- an alleviation or even disappearance of back pain
- all the benefits that can be expected from massages and touch techniques

According to the needs or the request, the whole body can be massaged from the head to the feet, passing by the neck, the back, the stomach, the legs.
Watsu is open to everyone from 7 years old to any age.
Because of the holding postures, the proximity to the donor's body may be uncomfortable at first.
However, the relaxation and the invisibility of the practitioner will quickly transport you to another plane.
Each session will take you to a different universe as the diversity of aquatic massage creations is great.

Underwater sessions
I also offer another type of underwater journey.
This technique takes you to another dimension than Watsu.
It doesn't matter whether you stay underwater for 5 seconds or 1 minute, your breathing is monitored and respected.
With the help of a nose clamp, I take you back to your world before you were born and refocus you on your inner self.

History of Watsu :

Watsu was born in 1980 in Harbin Hot Springs (California) from the ingenuity of Harold Dull, a poet associated with the "San Francisco Renaissance" movement.
After a long trip around the world and a stay in Japan during which he studied Zen Shiatsu with Master Masunaga, he returned to found his Shiatsu school in northern California.
A great lover of water, he began to practice Zen Shiatsu stretches on a massage table placed in the thermal water pool.
He soon realised that by supporting his client himself he would no longer need the table... Thus was born Watsu.
More than 40 years later, thanks to the contribution of hundreds of professionals from other techniques, from yoga to physiotherapy to shiatsu and Thai massage, Watsu has become the generic word to identify the family of aquatic bodywork based on buoyancy supported by a donor.

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