ethics - values - contraindications


During pregnancy
During the menstrual period certain positions should be avoided
Uncontrolled hypertension: circulatory compressions and certain manipulations
Varicose veins or venous insufficiency
Injuries, inflammations, haematomas, muscle tears
In case of doubts or important symptoms, take the advice of a doctor first.
Massage 1 or 2 hours after a meal
Consumption of alcohol and/or drugs: the client will be refused

Rules and principles of application :

In all services, I do not diagnose, prescribe any medication or interfere in any way with ongoing medical treatment.
The massages provided are accepted as a complement to approved medical advice.
I reserve the right to refuse a service if I have any doubts about the client's state of health.
Massages are given with respect for the individual and the limits of each person will be respected.
Although the energies of sexuality are important for the balance of our body, no sexual practice will be accepted in the massages.
Confidentiality and professional secrecy of all massage or kinesiology sessions apply.
All people are accepted and will be accompanied without limits of race, colour, creed or other human differentiation.
Everyone is worthy of receiving a treatment without judgement and with all possible empathy.

Values that I try to live by every day:

The Toltec Agreements

Let your word be impeccable
Do not take anything personally
Do not make assumptions
Always do your best

The GOKAIS of Reiki

Kyo dake wa Just today
Okuruna Don't get angry
Shinpai suna Don't worry
Kansha shite With Gratitude
Gyowo hage me Do your duty with diligence
Hito ni shinsetsuni Be kind to others

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