Addresses for massages - WELCOME

At home : Rue des carrières 69 7181 Arquennes

At my childhood friend Thierry's place, passionate about sounds that make you travel, bowls, gongs,... : sounds therapy
Ferme towanda place de Thines 2 1402 Nivelles facebook link to visit the place :

At water massage locations: Swimming pools at 35°C (subject to private booking availability)

1) Rue Calotte 12, 1490 Court-St.-Étienne : la libelllulle

2)Drève du chateau de la motte 30 à 1470 Bousval

3)Au bord de l'eau : Chaussée d’Alsemberg 620/1 – 1180 Bruxelles

4) Soon a new swimming pool ! In the country of Gerpinnes (Charleroi)

At home

Do you live within a 5 km radius of Arquennes?
I can come to you with a massage chair, a massage table or a futon which requires a space of 3 meters by 3 meters
Follow the call that your body or your heart has felt the need for.

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