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CBC account number: BE73 7320 6176 0860

Aquatic massages :

Watsu - aquatic massages : between 70 €/h and 110 € following the place of swimmingpool( Beaurieux or Bousval - Uccle or Gerpinnes : see practical information - addresses)

The price is based on 50 €/hour + pool hire. If you have a pool heated to at least 32°C, it's also possible to work in it.

Table massages *

Foot reflexology: 50 €/h
Belly massage - Chi nei tsang: 50 €/h
Massages on demand with oil: 50 €/h
Thai massage on chair or table: 50 €/h
Thaï Massage sur chaise ou table : 50 €/h

* Extra charge for massages at Towada Farm: 10 €.

Futon floor massage

WuoTaï - inspired by osteopathy and dance: contact me
Possible at home within a radius of 5 km: you need a floor area of 3 m X 3 m and a well heated room.


Kinesiology : contact me


Possibility of PSIO session: many possibilities of programs, contact me for more details.
Equipped with an MP3 player, the PSiO combines music or voice relaxation with light stimulation.

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