My passions - what I share with you

I would like to thank all the people who have participated and continue to participate in my progression, whether they are teachers or participants in the training courses. All of you have brought a note to the composition that I am today.

All training courses have content that adds to and combines with others. No technique should be limited and all should remain evolving.

The main thing is that you have taught me 3 essential things to bring the best care: you have to have the desire to heal, you have to keep your concentration on the care and always use requests to bring what you want to the patient (meditation, reiki,...) and one important thing, the whole in a total letting go by the absence of your ego.

The 2022 agenda is already full of new discoveries and the most beautiful are and will be those that I can put into practice with you.

My main trainings in massages :

Foot reflexology at Blanche Colombe

Head and neck massage at Blanche Colombe

Kansu bowl massage at CZEN

Palm reflexology at CZEN

Chi Nei Tsang at the European School of Massage EEM

Palpatory anatomy at the European School of Massage EEM

Watsu 1,2,3 at IS WATSU

Healing Dance Basic and level 1 and 2 with Usoffiu

Reiki levels 1 and 2 with Kivoila

Amma seated massage at CZEN

Thai massage at the European School of Massage EEM

Wata levels 1 and 2 with Yves Delattre IS WATSU and Arjana C. Brunschwiler

Wuo Tai sheres myo-fascias, fascias, visceral, osteophathy with WUO TAï European federation Roland and Nathalie Combes

Shiatsu basic and special Watsu with the European school of massage EEM, Nicolas poloczek and Claire balleux

Mindfulness meditations at the depth of mothers with Brigitte Junker

My training in Kinesiology :

Touch For Health : 4 levels and proficiency exam at EPK

Kinesiology Metaphors and goal analysis at EPK

Anatomy and physiology oriented kinesiology at EPK

Tibetan Energy at the EPK

Stress Release: 3 levels at EPK

Psychogenealogy at EPK

Other trainings followed :

Transactional analysis: course 101 - first year - second year in progress

European first aid certificate and first aid in companies at the Red Cross

Links to my massage and kinesiology schools:

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